José Saramago Independent Studies Program - Mentor-Guided Self-Directed Learning

Ka-Lo Independent Studies is not a traditional program in which teachers give assignments and students go home to complete them. Rather, we support our students in designing learning plans that are truly unique to their interests, styles, and goals. For that reason, every student's plan and schedule is different. Some students design schedules which are recognizable as "school" -- taking classes at a community college or online, and/or studying coursework with a friend or relative or alone. Others immerse themselves in pursuing a passion, finding that life without classwork and homework opens opportunities for advanced studies of interests such as writing, music, sports, or veterinary care. Still others invent a more generalized education plan, including activities such as reading widely and becoming active participants in community groups.

The Independent Studies Program can extend to our High School Diploma program if desired.

If you're new to this learning paradigm, but intrigued, you might want to check out our resources section.