Supporting young people to create

their own meaningful education

outside of traditional school.



Ka-Lo Academy offers the following consultations and programs for supporting self-directed learning:

Educational Options Consultation
Personalized Guidance in Assessing Your/Your Child's Learning Options


All families and students begin here with a 90-minute consultation to help us find your path. Let us begin by telling you: self-directed learning reconnects people to their natural curiosity and desire to learn, and colleges love self-directed learners.

José Saramago Independent Studies Program
Mentor-Guided Self-Directed Learning


In our José Saramago Independent Studies Program we support our students in designing learning plans that are truly unique to their interests, styles, and goals.

Septima Clark High School Diploma Program
Individualized Graduation Portfolios


Our students prepare for adulthood by completing an internship to deepen their interest area, by building community support for their endeavors, and by articulating their readiness for graduation with written work and a mastery project presentation.



“KA-LO really helped our family find what works and guided us every step of the way. Thank you for such a spectacular experience!”