A great place to start for parents of any age:
Guerilla Learning: How to Give Your Child a Real Education, With or Without School
by Grace Llewellyn and Amy Silver

Recommended reading for teens and/or parents of teens:
The Teenage Liberation Handbook
by Grace Llewellyn

Real Lives: 11 Teenagers Who Don’t Go to School
Edited by Grace Llewellyn

Other excellent books:
College without High School
by Blake Boles

Learning all the Time (or any other book by John Holt)
by John Holt

Freedom Challenge: African-American Homeschoolers
Edited by Grace Llewellyn

Dumbing us Down: The Hidden Curriculum of Compulsory Schooling
by John Taylor Gatto

Alternative Education Resource Organization (AERO)

Association for Self-Directed Education

Sir Ken Robinson’s illustrated Ted Talk about the outdated nature of current education: