Ka-Lo Academy is named for Kató Lomb, an audodidact who taught herself 17 languages.  Like Lomb, we believe that we learn what we care about and what we dedicate ourselves to knowing or mastering.  

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Our name also echoes that of another beloved audodidact, Frida Kahlo, the extraordinary self-taught artist.

Our Vision

At Ka-Lo we believe everyone is a natural learner. We believe everyone has a motivated -- even driven -- desire to pursue the things they care about. We believe that most people who struggle with, or against, learning do so because they are disconnected from the decisions over their own education and life.

Unlike virtually all other educational programs, we truly put the design decisions in the hands of young people and their families. We facilitate self-directed education as a more direct route to our students’ goals, including college, internships, work, and artistic and athletic endeavors. We help our students to clarify, and to meet, their goals. Even more importantly, we help them reconnect with their inborn love of learning.

Self-directed, mentor-guided, immersive life learning is age-old; it was how virtually all humans learned prior to the twentieth century.  It is also revolutionary, in that the ownership and the relationship-building intrinsic to self-directed learning has the potential to transform our communities into places of true self-evolution and self-esteem, participatory democracy, meaningful work, and a sustainable relationship with the earth. 

Thus we welcome you to a method of living and learning that will forever increase your ability both to design your own life, and to improve the world around you.