with Devin Berry

This introduction to mindfulness worked with students to develop a toolkit to successfully navigate some of the challenges of adolescence.

Mindfulness, or purposeful non-judgemental awareness, is a powerful skill to help one handle stress one moment at a time while cultivating empathy.  It is also useful for developing concentration and self-control.

Dharma teacher Devin Berry engaged the teens experientially with a playful spirit, open attitude and simple clear instruction. This program was very interactive with lots of opportunities for connection, engagement, and hands-on participation.



Block Printing
with Dawline Oni-Eseleh

We conducted this project to engage students in thinking about symbolic visual language, get acquainted with basic relief print techniques and create a personal visual identity.



Writer’s Workshop

Ka-Lo co-founder Michlene Cotter has facilitated an ongoing writing seminar each semester that seeks to inspire students to develop their skills within the various genres of the written word.  Classes are based on student interest and needs. Prior classes have focused on responding to literature, developing skills to write research papers and a thoughtful examination of poetic forms.



White Awake

Ka-Lo founder Alanya Snyder has been moved by her own personal work in the areas of social and racial justice to facilitate conversations and movement with white students to examine their thoughts and behaviors as they relate to race in the United States and worldwide.  By creating a safe and non-judgmental space, students have been able to begin to break down barriers that limit their understanding of their communities and broader environment.