Our mission at Ka-Lo Academy is to support young people to create their own meaningful education, outside of traditional school.

Whom do we serve?

We serve students who are interested in leaving school. Our students have many reasons for seeking alternatives, including boredom or frustration. They may also show high or low academic skills. In their work with Ka-Lo, students rediscover their love of learning and develop ways to apply this new focus to a variety of worthy challenges.

What do we do?

At Ka-Lo Academy, we work one-on-one with students, beginning with a personalized educational consultation. Our non-traditional institute offers an independent studies program and pathways to high school diplomas.  

Our students develop discipline, pursue passions, find mentors, and establish solid plans for their next steps. Young people who learn in our supported self-directed program report being impressed with their own accomplishments, maturity, and improved academics and people skills.  

Parents have noticed their children taking increased responsibilities and showing more engagement with their own learning.

Septima Poinsette Clark, educator and activist, with student.
Credit: Bob Fitch Photography Archive, © Department of Special Collections, Stanford University.

What we believe

At Ka-Lo Academy we believe everyone is motivated, even driven, to pursue the things they care about.  We believe that most people who struggle with school-based learning (or against it) do so because they are disconnected from decisions concerning their own education and life.

Therefore we are interested in supporting learners to feel empowered enough about their future that they can show up for themselves today with confidence.

It is revolutionary to free young people from the narrow limitations of modern schooling and to guide them instead towards self-determination, personal growth, meaningful work, and a sense of purpose.

Thus we welcome you to a method of living and learning that will forever increase your ability to both design your own life, and to improve the world around you.